Those Cases for iPad

Now, you have got your amazing iPad after longing it for a long time. This brand-new product is fragile, in one way. Therefore, many people are very likely to buy a beautiful case to protect their beloved iPads.

For the lattest launched iPad Mini, we recommend you the following cases.



Color: Black, Pink, White

Protecting for ipad from scratches, dust, shock and fingerprint.

Durable leather  exterior protects the device

Precisely cut openings to allow full access to iPad.

Rotates 360 degrees in the case for flexible landscape and portrait viewing

Easy installation allows for quick usage.

Leather case cover can be transformed into a horizontal stand for the convenience of viewing


If you usually use wirelss bluetooth keyboard with iPad, this case is suitable for you.


It can increase the function of your iPad while simultaneously protecting your investment with this combination Bluetooth keyboard and folding protective case!

The stylish case is produced from synthetic leather making it durable and attractive.

The wireless bluetooth  keyboard interfaces works well with your iPad, are spill resistant and won’t scratch your iPad’s screen when closed.

When the case is open it securely holds your iPad in landscape mode for use with keyboard.

Protect your iPad and add a new dimension of usability with this incredible and stylish case and Bluetooth keyboard!

Finally, don’t miss this cool stuff, which can rotates 360 degrees!

41izvh4qt-l         b20220_9                             white-360-degrees-rotate-protective-ipad-2-case-with-bluetooth-keyboard-500x500

Detailed feature:

Specificaion of the keyboard:

1.standed bluetooth port:2.0

2.using distance: 10m.


4.charging time:3-4 hours

5.the life of the battery:3 years

6.specification of the battery:04x20x40mm

LCD indication:

1.CAPS indication: Yellow LCD is on.

2.CHARGE: Red LCD is on when charging. Green LCD is on when finish charging. Green LCD flash
when the power is low.No LCD is on when the keyboard is used under normal condition.

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