Get the SainSonic GBSG03-A 3D Glasses with a Special Price Now

If you have never used household 3D glasses before and want to have a try, you must seize the chance to get the SainSonic GBSG03-A 3D glasses with a special price now, of which the original price is $88.99.

How special are they?

Now look at the features of the product:

  • Universal 3D Glasses – works with all active 3D TVs with infrared technology
  • Communicate with the TV’s emitter – To create a beautiful, full HD 1080p 3D experience
  • Wide 3D viewing angle for multiple viewers/players,High transmission ratio for bright images
  • Rechargeable–Integrated Battery can used for 50hours after 3hrs fully charging
  • The fastest shuttering speed eliminating headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain

Still unsure about its quality? Don’t worry. Just see what the customers say about it.

SainSonic Active 3D Glasses Unboxing!




Where to get the product?

Here is the link:

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