Get a Pair of 3D Glasses for Your PC, Too

It is the trend that people buy 3D glasses for their TV so that they can enjoy the 3D programs. Yet don’t forget that you can also watch 3D movies and play 3D games on your computer too!

We recommend you the following product that is suited to your PC with amazing functions.

SainSonic 3D Glasses for PC


What’s special?

*Support up to 500 PC games; Watch movies in 3D;
*Brightness is more better than the original PC glasses;
*Perfectly compatible with nvidia 3D system; Compatible with Samsung, LG, Acer, ViewSonic, Alienware, ASUS 120Hz Monitors;
*Highest quality stereoscopic 3D solution; Support for new pure 120 Hz LCD monitors;
*3D IR Emitter is as the same as the original IR emitter and can be used for Original 3D PC glasses.


Package Content

1 x 3D Active Glasses

1 x Glasses Case

1 x Cleaning Cloth

1 x USB Charge Line

1 x 3D IR Emitter Box

1 x Using Manual

What’s the price now?

Only $44.00!

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