How to Conserve Your 3D Glasses?

With the innovation and improvement of technology, the 3D pictures become more lifelike and the visual experience tends to be more exciting. There has been an increasing number of people who would like to buy 3D glasses. The safety and hygiene of 3D glasses are closely associated with the health of users’ eyes. It is very important to get to know about the ways to conserve 3D glasses.


How to conserve 3D glasses?

Although household 3D glasses are used among family and friends, which is safer than those used in cinemas, they can also cause eye disease if not conserved properly. The best way to do is that every member of the family has his own 3D glasses and to prepare several additional pairs for visitors. In addition, it is essential to wash and disinfect the 3D glasses regularly in order to prevent cross-infection. When you are not using the 3d glasses, you should put them in somewhere dry or keep them in cases. Never put them randomly on end tables or TV cabinets. Neither should you put them beside flammable and explosive materials or things with acute angles.

How to disinfect 3D glasses correctly?

You should wash your 3D glasses with particular detergents for that purpose. Firstly, you should rub and disinfect the lens and the frames. Meanwhile, try to avoid such areas as chargers and signals emitters.

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