Image of the Day: World’s fastest electric racing car reaches speeds near 200 mp

Fastest Electric Car 01
The ZEOD RC, the world’s fastest electric racing car. (Image via Nissan)

Nissan has just unveiled its prototype for the world’s fastest electric racing car that will be able to achieve speeds of 186 mph.

The ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car) will race next year at the Le Mans 24 Hour, the world’s oldest active sports car race in endurance racing that started 90 years ago. The goal of the race is to balance speed against a car’s ability to run for 24 hours without any mechanical damage to the car.

Fastest Electric Car 02

The prototype will use the same lithium battery technology that was used in the Nissan LEAF, launched two years ago. The LEAF became the world’s best-selling, all-electric car and was followed by a racing-car version powered by the same 107-hp engine.

Although current battery technology does not have enough storage capacity to race an all-electric car, the ZEOD RC designers see this vehicle as a major step in the “electrification” of racecars.

Fastest Electric Car 03

When designing the ZEOD RC, creators focused on packaging and aerodynamics to ensure better racing and energy efficiency.

Watch the video below to learn more about the ZEOD RC.

to care for your ear,you need a new earphone

Dunu Ares DN-11 Balanced Armature Headphones

With broad dynamic frequency ULTRA driver unit, it makes the sound quality even perfect.
Titanium body part is manufactured by metal forging with the mirror finished solid outer skin.
With High quality gold-plating metal hand grip. With fashion and stylish gold-plating plug.
High-class metal CNC crafted splitter with streamline shape.
Patent cable wrap band can prevent the line from curve, and helps you collect the wires without knotting

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Chest freezer kegerator conversion has six beers on tap

take your time to enjoy life



Drawing a pitcher of frosty cold beer out of your own keg fridge is a liberating feeling which [Danodemano2] can enjoy all the time since he pulled off this 6-tap chest freezer conversion. You won’t have to kill yourself to get it done, this image shows the custom cuff sitting between the chest freezer body and lid which is where all the added hardware is anchored.

Chest freezers are popular because they’re efficient. And let’s face it, if you’re going to devote an appliance to storing cold beer you better make certain it doesn’t drive up utility bills. That’s the reason for the rigid foam insulation around the ring, with the spray foam to ensure energy isn’t lost around the openings in the wooden frame.

This design goes above and beyond the functionality from the last offering we looked at. That one had a pretty nice tile job, but…

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Hurry up and put a projector in my phone, Intel

nice design


For several years now, Intel (s intc) has used its annual Research@Intel event to showcase an interactive projected display. The idea is that any surface can be turned into a space to flip through photos, watch videos and even compose documents. At today’s event in San Francisco, people crowded around a table to doodle and type messages with their fingers on a projected screen.

It’s easy to see why the technology has wide appeal. Most people have made the leap from a physical keyboard to a touchscreen on their phone or tablet, and it doesn’t feel very different to type on a tabletop as opposed to a screen made of Gorilla Glass. It may even be easier, since a user can adjust a projected screen to be as small or large as they wish.

An Intel expert raised a brilliant application: mobile phones. As the need and desire to interact with data…

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