Hurry up and put a projector in my phone, Intel

nice design


For several years now, Intel (s intc) has used its annual Research@Intel event to showcase an interactive projected display. The idea is that any surface can be turned into a space to flip through photos, watch videos and even compose documents. At today’s event in San Francisco, people crowded around a table to doodle and type messages with their fingers on a projected screen.

It’s easy to see why the technology has wide appeal. Most people have made the leap from a physical keyboard to a touchscreen on their phone or tablet, and it doesn’t feel very different to type on a tabletop as opposed to a screen made of Gorilla Glass. It may even be easier, since a user can adjust a projected screen to be as small or large as they wish.

An Intel expert raised a brilliant application: mobile phones. As the need and desire to interact with data…

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