Step towards quantum computer.


UNSW researchers have proposed a new way to distinguish between quantum bits that are placed only a few nanometres apart in a silicon chip, taking them a step closer to the construction of a large-scale quantum computer.


Quantum bits, or qubits, are the basic building blocks of quantum computers – ultra-powerful devices that will offer enormous advantages for solving complex problems.

Professor Michelle Simmons, leader of the research team, said a qubit based on the spin of an individual electron bound to a phosphorus atom within a silicon chip is one of the most promising systems for building a practical quantum computer, due to silicon’s widespread use in the microelectronics industry.

“However, to be able to couple electron-spins on single atom qubits,  the qubits need to be placed with atomic precision, within just a few tens of nanometres of each other,”  she says.

“This poses a technical problem in how…

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Follow These Tips While Selecting Batteries for Cordless Phones

Cell Phone Accessories

Earlier landline phones used to be difficult to use. One needs to sit at a single place for talking on the phone. But nowadays, cordless phones have come in to existence. They provide us freedom to talk while walking here and there. Such phones work on batteries and as like with any other device, you need to replace the ge cordless phone batteries from time to time.

Check for the Company: When you are purchasing batteries for your cordless phone, make sure that you are purchasing the one from a branded company. Such kind of branded products will generally be of good quality and will not get damaged for longer period. You can get good value for your money even if the prices of these batteries are a bit higher.

Select the Most Suitable Ones: Generally batteries for Panasonic cordless phones are of particular size while the batteries for…

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Purchasing Cases & Chargers for iPhone 4S Mobile

Cell Phone Accessories

Are you a proud owner of iPhone 4S? Then you should be aware of different kinds of accessories available for this phone. It is considered as one of the best ever phones in the world and hence wide range of accessories are available for this device. Of all the accessories available today, battery and battery cases form the most important ones because of the reason that the device won’t work properly until power supply is not properly. Hence you have to ensure that your iPhone is coupled by apt battery cases.

Purchase Cases Online: When you are heading for the purchase of battery cases for your iPhone 4S, you can go for online purchase. With this, you can save money and time. Also, online shopping provides huge range of battery cases for iPhone 4S and hence the user can select the best ones among the available. Also, many online retailers…

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Wireless A/V Sender can achieve Wireless transmission

PAT-240 STB 2.4GHz Wireless A/V Sender

what is PAT-240 STB 2.4GHz Wireless A/V Sender


Use 2.4GHz ISM frequency band

Support 4 groups of channels. You can select these channels to avoid interference from signals of a wireless router, etc.

Wireless transmission is suitable for one-floor or two-floors.

The transmitter and the receiver are used in the same channel in a pair and can be used in the modes of point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint.

Compatible with DVD, DVR, CCD camera, IPTV, satellite STB, digital TV STB and other AV output devices.

Superheterodyne 433MHz Wireless IR Remote Extender is fully compatible with remote control signals of DVD, DVR, CCD camera, IPTV, satellite STB, digital TV STB and other AV devices.

The product is equipped with super strong IR signal transmitting function or used in conjunction with an IR signal extension wire.

Images received by means of radio are vivid and stable, the color is flamboyant, and the sound is clear.

Supports video transmission of PAL/NTSC system and stereo audio transmission.

Fully hardware-designed. There is no need to install software. Plug and play. Simple and convenient.

Dimensions: 10cm (L) ×8.5cm (W) ×3.0cm (H).

2.4GHz module is CE & FCC certificated. Wireless application is safe and reliable.