3 Low-cost products that can protect your electronics this summer

During the summer months, we take our cellphones (or tablets) out into pretty harsh environments- Beaches, camp grounds, and amusement parks are just some of the places where our mobile devices are subjected to humidity, sweat, sand, and water droplets.

At CE Week, the consumer electronics and technology industry’s annual midyear event held in New York, I came across three inexpensive products that can help ensure electronics safety this summer.


LOKSAK Sorage Bag

The LOKSAK is a resealable storage bag that looks a lot like a Ziploc sandwich bag, but can protect your whole device from any elements it might encounter. The bag has an airtight seal that protects against sand, dust, and even water. You can even use your phone while it’s in the LOKSAK (even under water!).

In the video below, I call the cellphone contained in the LOKSAK while it’s sitting in a fish tank. It still works!

Learn more about LOKSAK or order one for yourself for under $10 on the company’s website.

2. ShatterProof Screen Protector

ShatterProof Screen Protector
At CE Week, man takes electric tool to a cellphone screen protected by ShatterProof.

The thin, urethane film, just 0.2 mm thick, is placed on your phone’s screen just like a traditional screen protector. The ShatterProof protector is scratch resistant, drop resistant, even heals itself. Any bubbles and marks that are endured after installation will disappear within 24 to 48 hours.

It’s called “ShatterProof” because it incorporates the physics concept of dissipation, in which mechanical modes like waves and oscillations lose energy over time. So any drops or shocks would lose energy the same way.

If you don’t believe it, watch the quick demo below. The phone screen endures scratching from an electric tool, but the screen remains in perfect condition while the ShatterProof protector ends up with all of the scratches.

Learn more about ShatterProof or order one for your cellphone for under $30 on the company’s website.

3. WHOOSH! Screen Shiner

WHOOSH! Screen Shiner

Maybe you use alcohol or some other product on your phone’s screen, but the minute you touch it again, the fingerprints are back.

WHOOSH! Is designed so that just one spray leaves a nano-thin invisible coating that will protect your device against dirt, dust, fingerprints, or those s’mores smudges.

The spray does not contain and alcohol or ammonia and is completely safe. It even tastes just like water (I know because I tasted it)!

Watch the bacterial test in the video below. The cellphone originally scored a 48 on the bacterial meter (pretty clean considering the company reps have seen phones score a 1,900). After spraying the screen with WHOOSH! the screen scores a zero on the bacteria meter.