Universal Docking Station Holds All Your Cords

universal-docking-station (1)

Hold all of your cords in one neat place with this Universal Docking and Charging Station. This oak plywood charging station holds up to 8 different cords of varying thicknesses and cable head lengths. It’s an all-in-one cable management system that is not only functional, it looks great. To charge a device, just select the cable and take it out of the undulating slot:

The whole thing measures 7″ by 8″ and is 3/4″ thick with felt feet on the bottom to prevent surface scratching. It almost looks like a ski hill for cables- but your cables have enough fun, they don’t need to go skiing. Uhhm well, that thought went off on an awkward tangent. Regardless, this docking station is simple, looks great, and keeps that tangle of cords nearly aligned

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